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To become qualified, follow quality. Relate with quality.  Do quality. Be quality.

For only quality follows qualities.

It’s good to be ambitious – not negatively ambitious and dubious. Ambition fuels life and meaning. Ambition springs from one’s imagination. Life becomes a despair and boredom when imagination is dead.


Light is the substance

Light is the value, the brand & the substance. Men hardly buy into what is not seen hence the reason to shine your light (before men); they need the light to navigate, make decision and grow.

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“Success is never grand but always scalable; never allotted but individualistically or communally Determined.

Where the crow certified to be a nest of comfort, the eagle uses as a launching pad to reach the sun.”

“Because he toiled in the mud for gold you mocked him, tomorrow you will visit his store for your jewel.”


Having a Job vs money making

Choose the one that is appropriate for you 1. I want money, I don’t want job. 2. I want job, I don’t want money. -Only good thinking, work and moral ethic(s) will suggest what was not mentioned.

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Inspiration Perspectives

Life lessons from US election

It was a kablooey election!

“Trump can’t be president!”. The paean that followed it was in the spirit of the order of impossibility: “Chewing stick no be mcCleans’ toothpaste”,

“Dried fish no dey swim for river / soup”,

“Cold no dey catch fish under water or water belle”,

“I fit climb, I fit come down, Na body dey suffer am”

“Trump can’t be president!”

…and so it was in the just concluded election, TRUMP has triumphantly won.

To those that vowed to destroy their green passport, you are pardoned; to those that based their winning theory on diplomatic experience, there is more to winning than being perfectly qualified.

With the noise and viral rejection of Trump dwindling, I gained and learnt from all these. Here are my lessons:

#1. No amount of strategy can salvage a bad reputation.

#2. Be yourself / believe in yourself even when the community thinks you are losing or against you. Believe is a subject of faith even when not seen.

#3. Don’t place your hands on the plough and quit; see it to the end.  There is no room for excuses. I heard a seating “King” almost abdicated the throne in Nigeria.

It is scriptural, “No procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put God’s kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day.” Permit me to paraphrase the statement, “if you are a king, no procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put your kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day”. Leadership is a responsibility; It is a yoke of a people, for a people, the burden for the downtrodden. Challenges are bound to stir their monstrous heads, the solution is best seen in Einstein’s echo, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

#4. Truth sets free, diplomacy / diplomatic prowess is just a cliché.

#5.  Human stratagem is not without flaws.

#6. Anybody can be a winner; anybody can be a loser too.

#7. You don’t have to be perfect to occupy an office you just need to sell yourself to the people, organization or nation that you are the best candidate for the job.

#8. The predictability / probability of an event occurring is not a dictate / determinant of the media.

#9. Leave room for God / space for the maker. In Yorubaland, we have certain group of men referred to as the “Afobaje – King maker / Installers of royalty”; Becoming a king is not the making of the afobajes. With the presidential endorsement of Madam Hilary, she still couldn’t bring her luggage into the “White House”.

#10.  Winning is not same as sustainability.   Have you ever heard the statement, “power must change hands”?  it can actually change hands and be given up when the right things aren’t propagating or happening. Do the right thing.

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A Nigerian political scenario

A plunderer saved the life of a king; and so a time came when the knights came for the life of the plunderer, should the king give [the plunderer] up? – A Nigerian political scenario.

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A discretional life

A simple allegory of life and progress

I saw two different pair of shoes in a store. Shoe “A” cost 780$ , shoe “B” cost 12$. I like shoe “A” but couldn’t afford it so I bought shoe “B”. With Shoe “B”, I have made progress as much as a quarter of the trip.  Such is a discretional life, an allegory. Keep moving.

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Inspiration Others

What are you reading?

What are you reading?
I have had the privilege to go through many books: old/classics, new/contemporary, even soon to be published. I love all ‘’good” books. I judge books by the cover (being a designer), from the synopsis and certain recommendations from devourers of prints and e-copies. I must say this, the last time I read something that held me through the night was a candid retrospection of a friend, brother and egbon / elder – Victor Adeyemi‘s IF YOU CAN’T BUY IT, STEAL IT! I don’t like books written to impress or such in circulation not addressing or in the pattern of the doctrine of a strenuous life [a speech by Theodore Roosevelt] . In the last couple of weeks, I have read two of Ryan Holiday’s books: Ego is the enemy and Obstacle is the way. It is good to see / reflect your life through the writings of noble writers / thinkers.  I had the opportunity of reviewing my goals in life to see if it was driven by the desire for recognition or the desire to the higher calling – actualization / self-transcendence. Our society is full of men riding on their ego and cannot eschew the spotlight for the higher goals. A thought provoking question from ‘Ego is the enemy’ – “How are we supposed to reach, motivate, or lead other people if we can’t relate to their needs—because we’ve lost touch with our own?” The society is full of egoistic people, people that can’t see beyond the trifles of their mundane works as the only best thing that had happened to this generation. “When we remove ego, we’re left with what is real”. You will also find his book, “Obstacle is the way” interesting. 
I am also going through ‘Ideas, a history of thought and invention, from fire to freud’ a good ride of reading across the scrolls of our development, beliefs & inventions.  I saw a copy of it in a friend’s room [Aji Baba], started reading. I didn’t ask him to borrow me – I ordered my own copy! Man has developed and evolved. Time to revolt. But against what?
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