Sola is a digital transformation, international entrepreneurship and innovation management specialist.


Sola Olododo is a digital business and innovation management specialist with an international focus.He is known for his hands-on and pragmatic approach, blending digital strategies into the market to drive growth in individuals, collectives, and cultures. Sola is passionate about strategically repositioning businesses in the digital economy, elevating digital maturity, and leading transformation programmes, particularly for SMEs aiming for international presence.

As a Creative Director at Creativetribe Studios, Sola managed a diverse team and played a pivotal role in growth. He also co-founded Natavi, a consultancy and investment firm, where he successfully handled projects for public and private firms in Nigeria, concentrating on innovation management, product development, marketing, and growth strategy. Additionally, Sola co-founded the Huluku Initiative, an NGO dedicated to empowering creative professionals and entrepreneurs in Africa’s creative community.

Sola’s academic journey reflects his commitment to continuous growth, holding an MBA in Marketing Management and an MSc in Project Management and Innovation. Currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Strathclyde, his research focuses on how digitalisation shapes the processes and outcomes of internationalising SMEs. He is also recognised as a Stephen Young Global Leaders’ Scholar at the Stephen Young Institute in Glasgow and a recipient of the prestigious PDMA Doctoral Student Fellowship.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Sola enjoys board games, mobile games, poetry, reading, and cycling. Married to Mayowa Olododo, a practicing architect, they are proud parents to their son, Nadiv. Sola is characterised by his openness to new possibilities, leaving a profound influence across diverse sectors and establishing himself as a dynamic force in both business and academia.



Digital + Experience

With over fifteen years in digital project management, Sola brings interdisciplinary expertise and innovation to enhance your project. Whether it’s agile business models, internationalisation, customer-centric approaches, cultural shifts, process optimisation, cutting-edge technology adoption, collaboration, platform dynamics, emerging tech exploration, large-scale prototyping, new value propositions, data-driven opportunities, or fostering a digital mindset. 

Data Analytics

Sola is highly skilled in information systems, databases, statistical analysis, and data visualization, with a focus on application-based knowledge in information processes, data-driven market repositioning, and innovation. His advanced problem-solving abilities have enabled him to offer creative solutions to specialised data and management challenges for various companies.   Moreover, Sola excels in identifying data-driven opportunities for business innovation. 

Strategy + Advisory

Whether you are a micro, small or medium enterprise, sola can help you take a deep dive into your growth strategy and internationalising,  Sola leverages your existing assets by exploiting advances in data enabled frameworks and opportunities,  to transform how you develop products, market, sell, outpace competition, gain market penetration and accelerate profitable growth.   


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