The antonym of creativity

There is always the inventive part of what we do. A speaker ends with a pearl of wisdom or cliché every time he speaks, a footballer calculates the angle to best place the ball, a cake-maker blends colors to impress the kids, an architect thinks an additional arc will beautify and make the building monumental, a barber patterns the hair into furrows to successfully displace the chief Mohawk, the clown pauses suddenly to intrigue his audience. There is always the ‘Aha moment’, ‘the transformation of silence into eureka’, ‘the marshalling of sheep against the pack of wolves’; there is always creativity and her offspring roaming the street of our concerns. We can all be creative in what we do. Creativity is making, designing, forging, fabricating, breaking rules, defining patterns and systems. Forging something out of something is creativity. Creativity is problem solving. To pick an existing raw material, modify it, improve it and introduce it into the market is creativity wrapped in profitability.

What creativity is not?
If you can make ‘something out of nothing’ is nothing short of an empyrean production. The God-like imitation. To create nothing out of something is laziness and waste. To create nothing out of nothing is just a fallacy and that is not the abstraction and the rationale of this piece. The rationale is to bring our imagination to work and earn the badge of ingenuity, the laurel of a pioneer.

Creativity is not making stupidity a regular but the discontinuance of it.


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