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Truth must be spoken

Of what good is life if truth  cannot not be spoken? of what worth is gold if it can not  be exchanged for a bread? of what use is the star if it can not give it’s brightest in the dark? of what use is  governance if not for the interest(s) of the people, fairness, justice & salvation ?
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Question your thinking

In the movie Revolver (2005),  the character Jake Green made a profound statement, “The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look”(—Julius Caesar 75 BC). [in a later conversation]…While playing, Avi says “you know what is so elegant about this little game, Jake?  No-one knows where the enemy is.  He’s inside of every one of their heads.  And they trust him, because they think they are him.  If you try to destroy him to save them, they’ll destroy you to save him.”

Often times, people fail to question their very own thinking / philosophy.
So, question your thinking. Your thought might be the enemy hindering your own progress. If the thinking is your enemy, kill the enemy before it kills you.

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The world wants to make zombie of you, – to drop your brain and follow; God wants you to use your brain, create, dominate, subdue the earth…else, He wouldn’t have given you one.

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Point man

I am just like a man pointing you to the sun – Dr Tisser , Cryptogamic Botanist

It took me a decade  plus to thoroughly understood what the quote above meant, a rhetorical statement of a lecturer of mine. Simply put, when you have a man pointing you to the sun, he’s showing  you the source of light, that you walk out of darkness and embrace your path  to destiny.  The man pointing you cannot fulfil your dreams, you make it happen!.  Light conquers all  (lux omnia vincit) so does knowledge. When you embrace the Light, you gain revelational insight and unravel things hidden or unknown.

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Seek continuous education 

I once told a ‘pastor’ that  he needs knowledge of project management, he looked at me and said, “but I am not into construction business”. It took another 10 minutes to outline how project management could make his ministry better and effective.

You walk into a hospital and you see the nonchalant attitude of the registering officer, I say, “you need a customer service development training”. You walk into an establishment and you see the disarray and disorganization of things, “I say you need training on project management”. When a delivery or courier service fails regularly to deliver on due period, then the need for time management course. When a fashion designer doesn’t not adhere to the work defined by his clients or has added materials or pattern beyond documented design (gold plating) I say, “he or she has no understanding of scope management”. Ineffectiveness of a system is a pointer to an area for adjustment, remedy, modification and development. No knowledge loss as long as it makes your profession, product(s) or service(s) better.  The exposure to industry standard/process gives the edge sooner or later.

There are courses I recommend for everybody e.g. design thinking, project management, customer care, strategic management, leadership management regardless of the office you are occupying or your designation.

We are always lacking in one area or the other, the remedy is to seek knowledge and improve our effectiveness and services to others daily.

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On motivation

Reading without meditation is arid, meditation without reading is erroneous ; prayer without meditation is tepid,meditation without prayer is fruitless – Guigo, the ladder of monks.

Someone complained to me that “the amount of motivational materials or lines per day could fill a century of history”. For me, the problem ain’t the lines nor the tons of “weighty” sayings nor the sayer/poster of such but the degree of action in which they were/are being carried out. Motivation is never enough. We need to renew our minds daily. We need the pill of motivation to cure our emotive inhibitors such as fear, lackadaisical approach to winning etc. To post a motivational line isn’t an offense. The situation could be, that the poster wants to be inspired by his posted lines or the poster wants others to be blessed or the poster wants to show and impress others, to show that he belongs to a higher wavelength of hope. The rule Is oft simple, ignore the noise, make use of the relevant – sounds romantic enough to keep a sane relationship with time.

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Creativity Inspiration Poetry



Whenever I gaze into your animated eyes,

The eyes built with mildness and clemency

It charts me winding and wondering,

Wandering into the bliss of time


Whenever I look into your countenance,

The countenance flickered with smiles

I am wrapped in cloud of joy,

The thrill of heaven


Whenever I stare into your calmness,

Calmness of thy confident mind

Its demeanor is strongly equable

Whenever I observe your polished skin,

This tender and reflective skin of yours,

It reminds me of a tree thriving

In the aridity of existence


Whenever I look into your handiwork

And the duty of thy perfect fingers

Molding the artistic spell of creativity

I love and revered you


Whenever I walk beside you

Like the handbag of an Ethiopian hunter

You remind me of the gait of an eagle

The poise of a goddess,

The goddess of beauty

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The systems we design

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old – Peter Drucker

“My mum will not knit at night”

“My Boss said the files must be kept at 45 degree angle”

“Our tribe doesn’t dance when the fire goes off ”

“When I was your age, we weren’t allowed to voice our opinions ”

From the tribal display of an antiquated society to running a company in the 21st century, there is the disputation over our cultural system(s), the acceptance of status quo, the upholding of ‘the way we are,’ the revolt and defiance to the existing institutions. The question is, who designed those systems? How effective are the systems? What is the cost of such system? Why was the system institutionalized with these evident parameters?

Time, handlers of information & experiences are the weavers of behavioral exhibitions, the very liability of our passivity; with systems, life is either regimented or adventurous, consequential or disconnected, frivolous or realistic, profitable or obligatory.

The optimal solution is to ‘root out’ unfavorable ideologies and embrace the disruptive approach. The disruptive approach gives rise to new innovation, better ways, modernity, new perspectives, shift in paradigms; we should bear the consequences to find our aspirations. Even when a system is tested, tried and trusted, there is always room for improvement.

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Profit from the power of Immersion

I started concentrating so hard on my vision that I lost sight. -Robin Green

The mind is the playground/breeder of various monsters, seraphic creatures, and all things that are to take their realistic forms. Creativity broods in our minds and hatches in our hands. Formation is first within, reality is without; the former requires concentration, the latter execution. Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved without the power of immersion through the mechanics & workings of the mind.

I have always been inspired by what man has accomplished through the power of immersion. It’s amazing, the rate or how swift the mind works to produce result, analyze situations, or for example, have curative measures to deadly diseases; the rate of failure skyrockets at an innumerable attempts. Take the disease “black death” for example, men weren’t scared to try pseudo-curative processes like: “to live in the sewer, let leeches suck to dry, exorcises the patient or the victim of such terrible woes, wash with urine”; immersion makes man ‘attempt’ because there is a stipulated time attached to its completion.

It is amazing what an immersed mind can achieve when brought to a focus for a solution. When the mind is fully immersed, it leaves no room for defeat; it drives men within the bound(s) of ingenuity to produce result. It was the power of immersion that possessed the severally expelled Karl Marx to pour countless hours into his radical writing, his masterwork of economic theory, his belief or ideals; the self-proclaimed revolutionary spent his 5-month Paris honeymoon publishing a revolutionary work called The Franco-German year Books, followed by a 15 months studying and writing.

The Messiah anthem, an oratorio was completed in 24 days of swift composition by George Frideric Handel. Such vivid or imaginary demonstration of finest / ethereal performance could only have been created from crossing the bound of consciousness into something spiritual; when on the dying bed, men are often immersed in the now, to summary and give meaning to their lives.

So, when next you are faced with a monstrous problem or like to breakthrough a situation, it will only take time, but it will be done; engage ‘the power of immersion’, Learn from saadi’s lines and become the achiever you have always dreamt of becoming:

A little and a little, collected together, Become a great deal; the heap in the barn consists of single grains, And drop and drop makes an inundation.


  1. For you to utilize the power of immersion, you must find your passion as it relates to meaning in life. Your passion will keep you awake. Your passion is the burning desire of your heart, the prime concentric possessor of your time.
  2. Believe in what you are doing. Believe sustains passion. A grain of faith is all you need to push passion to profitability.
  3. Do good, it entices mighty force(s) to assist.
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The God Factor

Our greatest dignity as creatures is not in initiative but in response. God speaks, we hear. He knocks, we open. – C. S. Lewis

I have chewed the knob of my pen and left the nib idle in time past, I have sought the stars at night and had to wait till dawn if inspiration will rise with it; I have tried to fill the air with substance but all that was left was the intellectual dust. I have had days without inspiration, days that the client demanded result or else, the cheque is not gonna be signed. There are days the ‘world inside’ is clumsy, that we have this inward uneasiness, that the mind knows nothing but the ‘writer’s block’, that the brainwave frequency is flat due to several interferences, that the inspiration dead-end is met, there will be such days. The best place to seek solution is to have an external influence for immediate opening and revelation. In the words of Og Mandino, Who is of so little faith that in a moment of great disaster or heartbreak has not called to his God? Who has not cried out when confronted with danger, death, or mystery beyond his norm experience or comprehension?

There is ‘the God factor’ in processes, in making, in designing, in planning, in invention, in modification, in coordination, in creativity. There is no veil that can conceal him in our affairs.  He’s very evident in acts. I myself, I have reasoned God: He’s unreasonable, the reason I go to him for reason.  The best advice I give to myself is to call him in the days when revelation streams less. He’s the Creative Force “…and the Word became flesh”.


Don’t beat yourself up against it further whenever you are short of revelation, inspiration or insight; all I’m saying or have been saying is simple: believe in your heart, call Him, he will tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.’


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