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Seek continuous education 

I once told a ‘pastor’ that  he needs knowledge of project management, he looked at me and said, “but I am not into construction business”. It took another 10 minutes to outline how project management could make his ministry better and effective.

You walk into a hospital and you see the nonchalant attitude of the registering officer, I say, “you need a customer service development training”. You walk into an establishment and you see the disarray and disorganization of things, “I say you need training on project management”. When a delivery or courier service fails regularly to deliver on due period, then the need for time management course. When a fashion designer doesn’t not adhere to the work defined by his clients or has added materials or pattern beyond documented design (gold plating) I say, “he or she has no understanding of scope management”. Ineffectiveness of a system is a pointer to an area for adjustment, remedy, modification and development. No knowledge loss as long as it makes your profession, product(s) or service(s) better.  The exposure to industry standard/process gives the edge sooner or later.

There are courses I recommend for everybody e.g. design thinking, project management, customer care, strategic management, leadership management regardless of the office you are occupying or your designation.

We are always lacking in one area or the other, the remedy is to seek knowledge and improve our effectiveness and services to others daily.

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On motivation

Reading without meditation is arid, meditation without reading is erroneous ; prayer without meditation is tepid,meditation without prayer is fruitless – Guigo, the ladder of monks.

Someone complained to me that “the amount of motivational materials or lines per day could fill a century of history”. For me, the problem ain’t the lines nor the tons of “weighty” sayings nor the sayer/poster of such but the degree of action in which they were/are being carried out. Motivation is never enough. We need to renew our minds daily. We need the pill of motivation to cure our emotive inhibitors such as fear, lackadaisical approach to winning etc. To post a motivational line isn’t an offense. The situation could be, that the poster wants to be inspired by his posted lines or the poster wants others to be blessed or the poster wants to show and impress others, to show that he belongs to a higher wavelength of hope. The rule Is oft simple, ignore the noise, make use of the relevant – sounds romantic enough to keep a sane relationship with time.

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