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New day, new world, new word.

The morning is fresh. The birds chirped to wake the beauty of the meadow while men of passion march the streets in search of bread and fulfillment, the lazy ones snore to poverty. For me, my concern is for men of passion striving for the realization of their dreams. The sun will soon reach its peak and the sweat breaks through the skin… but the question is what word will you invoke as the energy tends toward the unit of depletion? Reviresco!

The word reviresco is a Latin word which means to “flourish in adversity, to blossom, to grow green, to grow young and strong, to boom when others are weary and unproductive”. The potency and welfare of a tree is in its location/position. Grace is position-specific.

According to the psalmist, to flourish today, these three things must be taken care of: where you walk, where you stand and where you sit.

Ensure today to hang out in the courtyard of wise counsel & not in a sin saloon, don’t sling along dead-end road and don’t attend smart-mouth college. With these, reviresco is sure.  

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In time

Out of hundreds of poems written [by me] I like this:

Do not let your heart be dismay’d
For problems do not come to stay
For while yet we are at bay
Watching the roaring sea play
Finally at our feet
The high tide comes to lay 

It inspired a friend a decade ago  that the problem, challenges, trials we face is but for a moment. I am a believer of this distilled hope that “I will always emerge victorious”. Furious the fire rages, there is an unlimited extinguishing solvent to put it off; high the mountain towered yet a devouted chisel will wear it off; high the tide rises, at your feet it flattens to the spirit of resilence and dominion in you.

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Getting lucky with an acorn

Even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.

But what if the hog refuses to go find the acorn?

Ideas are sporadic, ubiquitous and visible these days. Gone is the age of secrecy (with ideas). The world is curating every knowledge for its advancement, relevance and meaning. It’s baffling when someone says that “there are no ideas these days”. The limitation we place on ours is the blindness that prevents us from seeing opportunities/ideas or carving our own niche. If the tool is the problem, change it. Complaining about the tools will not make you find your acorn.  If it’s the system, change it. The guide to finding your own “acorn” is to keep digging.

Being “lucky” with finding it involves engaging all resources, allocating available resources to such quest and committing it into the hands of the divine.

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Even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.

Inspiration Others Perspectives

The shoe tale

I saw a man this morning, his shoes half-worn-out, the base eaten up by the earth; he wore a garment stricken by the sun, bleached to fade while his face thirsts for the dew of mercy and grace. So I asked, where is he coming from? Where is he going? Does he know where he is?

What tale is your shoe telling?
Our shoes have tales to tell. It might be partly damaged but it should tell the tale of a man marching to his utopia. In the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, “Not all who wander are lost”. Our shoes should connect the dots of the past, the present and the future. The past might have been hard but that doesn’t mean we should lose sight of where we are going.  Now is pertinent. The clarity of now vanquishes the mystical haze of the future.

Tie the lace of your shoes on whatever path you have chosen. Worry not about the past; the past only must be told and serve as a reference of correction.

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Welcome Note

Yay, you made it here. Congratulations!. I’d like to welcome you to my site. Feel at ease. It was because of you I built this nest, to share what keeps me going and how we all can become better with the increamental counting of our days.

Let me introduce you to this nest. This is a nest full of treasures; sometimes it will make you feel cozy, sometimes the thorns in it will prick you to action and sometimes we will both throw darts at the sky to see if we can pluck the stars. The ultimate is that we don’t stop pressing on towards attainment. 

So having welcomed you, join me as we live and write about life, experiences, creativity, business, affairs of men and bring to reality our web of thoughts.

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Hello. Dear.

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