New day, new world, new word.

The morning is fresh. The birds chirped to wake the beauty of the meadow while men of passion march the streets in search of bread and fulfillment, the lazy ones snore to poverty. For me, my concern is for men of passion striving for the realization of their dreams. The sun will soon reach its peak and the sweat breaks through the skin… but the question is what word will you invoke as the energy tends toward the unit of depletion? Reviresco!

The word reviresco is a Latin word which means to “flourish in adversity, to blossom, to grow green, to grow young and strong, to boom when others are weary and unproductive”. The potency and welfare of a tree is in its location/position. Grace is position-specific.

According to the psalmist, to flourish today, these three things must be taken care of: where you walk, where you stand and where you sit.

Ensure today to hang out in the courtyard of wise counsel & not in a sin saloon, don’t sling along dead-end road and don’t attend smart-mouth college. With these, reviresco is sure.  

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