Getting lucky with an acorn

Even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.

But what if the hog refuses to go find the acorn?

Ideas are sporadic, ubiquitous and visible these days. Gone is the age of secrecy (with ideas). The world is curating every knowledge for its advancement, relevance and meaning. It’s baffling when someone says that “there are no ideas these days”. The limitation we place on ours is the blindness that prevents us from seeing opportunities/ideas or carving our own niche. If the tool is the problem, change it. Complaining about the tools will not make you find your acorn.  If it’s the system, change it. The guide to finding your own “acorn” is to keep digging.

Being “lucky” with finding it involves engaging all resources, allocating available resources to such quest and committing it into the hands of the divine.

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