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Balance your ‘followership’

Harnessing the Power of Social Media – Part 2

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create – Jana Kingsford

The components that ascertain our being and existence transcend what is only seen. We cannot invest so much in the body at the detriment of the mind; still we cannot feed the mind and neglect the tendering and fine tuning of our spirit – for out of thisis rooted the virtue of our true essence – the touch of divinity. Follow men of virtue and that you shall be; follow men skilled and crafted and soon, you attain ingenuity. Follow an array of subjects – arts, economics, business, anthropology, science, parenting, Godly handles etc. and insights rare as gems will show up when not even solicited; follow seeds from different embodiments that had reached their peaks and you will be molded into a complete man, a sincere figure worthy of appearance before kings and an envy before deities.

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Inspiration Social media

Don’t Post what will ruin your brand

Harnessing the Power of Social Media – Part 3.

What you post and share automatically becomes attached to your online persona and contributes to defining your personal brand. – Anonymous

Social media platform is the new evaluation tool for recruitment, rating, psychometric analysis, competence etc. What was posted 5 years ago can be used as a yardstick for several indices. Your reasoning pattern, belief, creed, social ethics, etiquette, appearance can be deduced through your handle. We are now storytellers. The only person that can narrate it well is “you”; some have posted messages that got them fired from their duty post, some suffered the indelible shame that makes a coward in reality. Let your post profit you and others, let it robe you in admiration and awe of royalty.

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Inspiration Social media

Follow what assists your dream

Harnessing the Power of Social Media – Part 1

Don’t follow your dream – lead it! – Gloria Feldt.

Social media platform is a virtual community of communities, a place you ‘enter’ with keen intention of lighted focus and can end up trading time for fruitlessness if measures and consciousness aren’t mounted. Not all information is profitable, some leaves us sad and confused than we were. If following ‘mister-million-likes’ will not assists your growth, why bask in his copious store of rotten peas? If he doesn’t provide us with pleasure of wits and character worth emulating, why trailing his path of despair? Information must be sieved to enrich the mind; without a mesh of ‘filtered follower-ship’, even the least of contaminated information can destroy an organ of dreams thought fit for reality. We must therefore review and justify why we choose to ‘follow’ and discard the dictate and assemblage of folly.

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No amount of ‘quantum motivation’ given to tortoise will help out run the leopard… It’s in their nature.


Mind rubbing

To rub minds with the gods is to attain the status of a god. Creativity is a reflection of God’s exhibitions / traits. If we are of God’s order (without aberration) then there is a significant trait of the element of ingenuity in us all. The inactive creative expression of some men is due to their negligence and link to the company of the blockheaded. Tell me, if I be foolish that you will fail to prune the wings of my folly? Then by association, I do not stand to benefit from the fruit of your experience, observation and wit.

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So often, when we become “educated,” we leave behind the tenacity for silence and patience, as if they’re too elementary and simplistic value to project our sophistication. It is seemlessly unassuming how a bunch of men could assume that because you do not speak “you know not”. Wisdom is often found in silence, boldness in animated action.

Even a stubborn fool is thought to be wise if he keeps silent. He is considered intelligent if he keeps his lips sealed.

Business Perspectives


The old world business killer.
A friend recently told me how he lost millions to a business or supposed investment. I couldn’t stop querying what could have been responsible for the collapse of the business… the word that kept popping in my head is “SHIRNKAGE”. You might not have heard of the word, but it is a silent deadly killer of Nigerian businesses. The term shrikage refers to ‘consumer theft’ or in pidgin, ‘obtain’, ‘shop lifitng’. If for example you run a store, and you periodically notice several items missing, as a manager, you might tend to blame it on the ‘shop girls’ or ‘sales girls’ …”the pikin don steal my goods again”… and it comes with pusnishment or loss of job but might have been ‘lifted’ by ‘lift-shoppers’. Another way to look at the word ’shirnkage’ is employee theft. Instead of the employee recording N200, he records N198. If you want your business to survive, you have to be the eye and watchman for every moulding coin or ‘bankable note’. 40% loss of profit could be attributed to shirnkage in comparison to business incompetence and economic influences.
Some ways to prevent shrinkage
1. Camera: CCTV has helped so far reducing the percentage of cases to 80%. Install cameras!!!. When staff knows that there is hidden camera monitoring their progresses, they tend to compose and operate at their best.
2. Roam your business physically and remotely. How do you roam your business? The essence of accounting software running on web is to help track every part of the operations of your business. You are not there but you can monitor income remotely, visually and analytically.
3. Understand business enterprise architecture. Enterprise architecture enforces discipline and standardization of business processes. What is your business process?
4. Design your own business enterprise architecture. Because this is how it has been done doesn’t mean it is rightly done. Observation should lead to improvement and better automation.
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.

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Everyday opportunities

Everyday is pregnant with opportunities. Seize the day! Monday or Saturday, Friday or Sunday.  

Between man’s first inhalation and his last,  life will present him with at least an opportunity to actualization, an opportunity to  attainment of true success. Recognition and decisiveness are the prime tools for manifestation and capturing of any goal; miniature decisions are the particles of progress. When to try and when not to try are both atoms of decision.

There is always an opportunity; an opportunity to enroll for a course, an opportunity to invest, an opportunity to manage a relationship, an opportunity to go on a journey, the opportunity to make, the opportunity to fortune, the opportunity to advance or that to recede, the opportunity do to the right thing.

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Understanding these three things

They are all powerful but not of same effect; the power of sword, the power of gold and the power of words. While the power of gold can buy you horse, the power of sword can slain it. While the power of sword can slain the horse, the power of words can suspend the sword. If peradventure you could not master the first two, never fail to master the latter(The power of words).  By the power of words,  the slave wins the heart of the king, the merchant sold an ivory for the worth of an elephant,  the hopeless  called on his “God”.

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Keep speaking it.
Don’t just keep speaking… Faith it! Work it…even with fear and trembling!

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